Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Collagraphs from printmaking studio

Below is the first print and the ghost of the print I made at a printmaking class at Fleischer Memorial in 2013.  We used only water based inks for this class and the plates were primarily created with fabric glued with PVC onto matt board and then coated with an acrylic medium.  This was primarily different laces and string, also some netting.

This is another print from "Peaches" which was also done with water based inks and gauche. The blue area is tissue paper adhered with thin wheat paste, not in true chin colle.  The plate can be seen in the blog post just before this one.  It was purchased recently and is in a private collection in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

Further experimenting with fabric on the plate and different blues.  This one I ran during a workshop at the print making studio at PAFA.
So below are some photographs taken from the workshop at PAFA.  The studio was freshly cleaned right after the students left for summer.

On the right is the instructor with a student. Such an amazing space to work in.

But really the view of city hall is so beautiful as is the roof of the Furness building.