Friday, September 22, 2006

Fortunate Cookie...

or what to do with a drawer full of old fortunes, some chinese brush practise drawings, and a ruined bamboo brush. The fortune of the mask says, You are original and creative.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Modern Humanist

I spent about an hour at this site, and highly recommend it. Am adding it as a link as well. Gives one so much to think about found so much that I agree with with regards to religion and philosophy.This is from the about page.

Welcome to Modern Humanist, an online journal of modern humanism and humanist thought. Here you will find news, ideas, information and insights on the world. It’s life through the eyes of modern humanist philosophy. Modern Humanist is not only for humanists and freethinkers but for anyone interested in reason, exploration and understanding. Think for yourself and enjoy your life.

As you can see this is a new site. It’s purpose is to offer a view of Modern Humanism and it’s place in the world and community. Not only is Modern Humanism a life philosophy, but it’s also a beacon for rational and thinking minds that believe that life can be lived not only well, but inspired. An inspired life without the need for, or desire for, supernatural forces, limiting beliefs and traditions. A life without hateful, divisive and violent practices that only serve the segregation, isolation and destruction of community rather than the harmony, equality and unity of it.

Modern Humanist will present understanding, perspective and practical wisdom on how to incorporate humanist principals into life and community and how to serve as an example to and for others.

Lastly, Modern Humanist seeks to provide viable answers and life perspectives to the community to illustrate that humanists are not only as moral, neighborly and dedicated to freedom as any church-going person, but also to help illustrate that the philosophical, moral and ethical questions of our time can be answered without the need to impinge on life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness for any citizen of the world or subvert their lives in favor of any other.

Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11, 2001

The sky was as clear and crisp and blue five years ago as it is today. A beautiful day, just like today. Just before getting out of my car I heard a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center....must be a small prop thought. Our group started with presentations, someone interrupted telling us another plane had crashed into the towers. We continued, then another person came in and said a plane had crashed into the Pentagon...someone in the group said, "We are at war"..we adjourned. The day was still crisp and clean and lovely, and smoke poured out of the towers and souls jumped to their deaths and others watched horrified and helpless from below. Then the towers came crashing down. I was in the studio trying to copy a rather benign pastel I had painted of a small portion of a Van Gogh. Mostly, I was inspired by the colors and the daisys. But what I came up with was no copy. This one is much more dramatic, as I watched the news coverage. In a symbolic way the two daisys represent the towers and shaken innocence that crashed and burned during that event. They seem to be falling. Have not looked at this piece in some time, but thought it appropriate given this fifth anniversary. Peace to any of you or your loved ones affected by this ongoing tragedy.

A song by Paul Hipp click on post title

Friday, September 08, 2006

Bonnie MacAllister

Save the date September 23rd!
Bonnie MacAllister is showing her work with other artists in the area at 4014 Walnut Street at 7pm. Bonnie is the operations administrator of October Gallery and an accomplished painter, filmmaker and spoken word performance artist, as well as a DGP(darn good person.)

"Painter, filmmaker, and spoken word performance artist, Bonnie MacAllister "reveals the structure of fragments, decoding illicit meaning in elicitly abstract poses." West Philadelphia resident MacAllister has been published on three continents and has performed at over sixty venues including the Wilma Theatre and the Adrienne Theatre.

An independent film maker and oil painter, she is the Publicity and Membership Chair of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Women's Caucus for Art. She has most recently exhibited at Café Soleil, Zonk Arts Gallery, and will show in March at the Highwire Gallery with the Women’s Caucus for Art. Films which she has worked on have been visible at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Musée de la Mode in Paris, France."

You can visit her website here: Bonnie MacAllister

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chick etc...

Jazz cruise with your best chick, Could this be Love? The assemblage and a detail. Comprised of a flattened penny, lock, wooden piece that looks like a saxaphonist, a tiny ink painting I did of a chick, music, a leaf on a piece of cork. Feels like autumn as well. Thanks to all you good folks who braced the torrential down pour and stopped by my booth at the October Gallery. Also thanks to Bonnie Mcallister for all her help and good conversation.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Foo Logs

Stop by my tenant this week, The Foo Logs, a blog about life, technology, sports and movies. Interesting sites with good blogging info. I liked the list of current social bookmarking sites, and the growing older pics of Andre Agassi. Also found out about:
  • A Blog in a Book: You can now publish and sell your blog/photoblog on actual printed books for cheap with a new service called They officially opened to the public this week - check them out!
Anyway, a space worth your time, go there.

And if you happen to be in Philly this weekend stop by the October Gallery at 68 north 2nd street for First Friday, 5-9pm. I have a little booth there with some small things, will also be there 12-3pm on Saturday.