Monday, July 02, 2012

These are made from left over postcards promoting various art shows. Vista print likes to give a zillion postcards if you order an extra zillion for free. So I adhere several and make small works. Sold a number of them at Book, Paper, Scissors at the Free library of Philadelphia this past fall. Have named them Gentle Reminders. Many have a few words, like linger, or endure, swim up stream, as gentile reminders to well, do those things. Easy to forget in the rush of everyday life. They are a variety of media, hand made paper, tissue scraps, acrylic paint, seedlings, strings. Some have dimension others do not. The images you see on this blog are only partials of the work. Some will be on my cafepress site as cards. But that is not really eco friendly, I know...but no animals were harmed in the testing of these products, and we do need something to send to Aunt Zelda after her bunyan operation anyway. So how is the rush of your everyday life?