Friday, October 24, 2014

Re opening my Etsy Shop!

Shop is back up and running!  I am adding new pieces evey week and have pieces for everyone's budget.  Bookmarks, collage, collagraph, assemblage, small works...also maybe some vintage pieces from my shop.  So here are a few example of what is available.
Bookmark made from matt board samples, always a favorite!
An altered photo I took of a mourning dove with other wooden bird photos, and paper collage.

And some owls, I am way into owls and making all sorts of owl collages.  This one, however is SOLD!   But I have, some similar ones...

So stop by and poke around.  Give me some feed back or favorite an item. I will send you a coupon code as reward!  Etsy Shop Blage

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Owls on Etsy

 Well, I already sold one owl on etsy so I suppose It is time to list another.  Really this one is one of my favorites and I am probably going have a limited addition print made of him.  However, no name for this piece yet.  Make a comment if you have a suggestion.  You can view and purchase work there, here is the address, Although I haven't listed this collage owl just yet.  But soon...

He is staring peacefully at the moon.  This piece is 9x12 on clay board.  
This is the piece hanging in a hallway in my friend Heidi's studio.  Hoot!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Gift tags from old Christmas Cards

These will be available at Book, Paper, Scissors at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Saturday November 22 10:00-4:00pm.  Also available will be my book marks as well as other up cycled paper products.  Other vendors will have handmade paper, origami, hand pulled prints, and handmade books as well.

Ram in Winter wins first place!

I was so delighted that this collage won first prize at The Plastic Club's "Small Worlds" show.  My work has received honorable mentions in some juried show, but this is my first, first.  Not only did it receive the blue ribbon, first place also comes with a cash prize of 150 dollars, and I get to keep the piece.   The show had over 100 entries, including some very accomplished Philadelphia artists and members of the Plastic Club.  So , I am pretty proud of this little guy.  

Todd Keyser of the Synderman Gallery was the juror for this show.

Mostly likely I will make a limited edition print out of this one as well.  Here is a photo of it that I took for my etsy page to show what it looks like hanging in someone's home.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some silent auction donation news

Recently I was asked for donations to a silent auction.  I decided to donate one hundred dollars towards a commission piece as well as a consultation to create it.  So basically the winner will meet with me in my studio and bring some of their items, photos, souvenirs etc., we will discuss what sort of piece they want to create and pull some items from my stock pile as well.  Then I will work on the piece and get final approval before making the attachments.  Here are a few examples of this kind of art piece.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Also recently framed, a mixed media collage I call "peaches" for obvious reasons.  It has a kind of Eric Carle feel, which I initially did not like.  
This one  was created on my iPad using a photo as inspiration.  

And this one is the peach in the photograph with other decorative papers on a the collages on a cigar box top.  

Friday, May 03, 2013

Cherry blossoms

Recently framed this mixed media collage and hung it in my studio. Found a few other paces in the house where it worked well also. Will have to do more of these as I am pleased with this one and working with red back grounds. Currently reading "An Artist of the Floating World" by Kazuo Ishiguro, a novel about a Japanese artist set in postwar Japan. Also experiencing cherry blossoms in real life... A chilly, but welcome spring.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy year of the snake!

Here is a small collage I made of a joyful Chinese girl. This is part of a series of small "fortune" collages I've been working on each with its own original fortune from a Chinese fortune cookie. Yes, I keep them and have a cigar box full of them. This one says, "Some pursue happiness, you create it."

Saturday, October 06, 2012


I built this water shrine while during a hike in Ricketts Glenn State Park. There were a few already built in one area near a waterfall, so I started this one further down. Finding flat rocks and balance are the keys...also patience.

Monday, July 02, 2012

These are made from left over postcards promoting various art shows. Vista print likes to give a zillion postcards if you order an extra zillion for free. So I adhere several and make small works. Sold a number of them at Book, Paper, Scissors at the Free library of Philadelphia this past fall. Have named them Gentle Reminders. Many have a few words, like linger, or endure, swim up stream, as gentile reminders to well, do those things. Easy to forget in the rush of everyday life. They are a variety of media, hand made paper, tissue scraps, acrylic paint, seedlings, strings. Some have dimension others do not. The images you see on this blog are only partials of the work. Some will be on my cafepress site as cards. But that is not really eco friendly, I know...but no animals were harmed in the testing of these products, and we do need something to send to Aunt Zelda after her bunyan operation anyway. So how is the rush of your everyday life?

Thursday, April 05, 2012

From Woman and solitude series

“There is no doubt that solitude is a challenge and to maintain balance within it a precarious business. But I must not forget that, for me, being with people or even with one beloved person for any length of time without solitude is even worse. I lose my center. I feel dispersed, scattered, in pieces. I must have time alone in which to mull over my encounter, and to extract its juice, its essence, to understand what has really happened to me as a consequence of it.”
May Sarton, Journal of a Solitude

This is one in a series of six mixed media pieces created with the motif of women and solitude. By solitude, I mean the type of reflection and coming to one's self without every day distractions and interruptions. Certainly not in a sad or lonely way, but a "contented with one's own being and thoughts" way...for me it is about refueling. Woman are often demanded upon and our time can be so fragmented that many crave some quiet time to do or not do as they please. To be away from the noise, the opinions, the news, the problems and simply sort out all those many thoughts and ideas. For me it is bliss, and even though I love people and enjoy good company, quality alone time is essential to my creativity.
Title is tentatively, "woman cat." Media is gauche, sumi ink, magazine article, graphite, and decorative paper.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Postal art cards from the Valentine's Grinch.

Images of my postal art project made in a mixed media workshop at Fleischer Art Memorial in Philadelphia. An inspiring and informative experience and one that keeps my fuss budget tendencies at bay. Oh, and learned a few truly "magical" techniques from the instructor. Yes, I love art class.

But what I do not love is Valentine's Day, well not since the 4th grade. As a single woman you long for the red roses, the romance, chocolate. But once you have the boyfriend/lover you get some sloppy/sentimental Hallmark card, pick up carnations at the grocery store, or they just plan forget about it. A little thought, like an original poem...even a bad poem "your breath smells like rotten cantalope in the morning" better than a little red teddy bear. But mostly I hate Valentines Day because it ignores the dark and prickly side of human intimacy. Doris Betts called it "The sharp tooth of love." And even though I am the Valentine's grinch I still expect some small token of affection on THAT day, which makes me feel like a hypocrite. Sigh... So this year I decided to re-frame my valentine's day narrative, turn it around, go off script, or as a writer friend once said, "Shoot your sweet little darlings." That said, yes I made some cards with hearts on them, damn it.

So since these pieces were made to mail and then arrive at some lucky person's home I posted instructions on facebook that the first 10 people to send me their address would receive one. Note to self next time check messages sooner. At any rate, there were 15 addresses and I am a "giver" so could refuse no one. Hard to be a "giver" in a taker wins all world. But this was a most beneficial exercise for me -work fast and be productive. Also no little miss fuss budget. And the extra's I sent to some woman friends...the ones who notice when you're trudging through some inner muck and love you anyway...or have your back even when you're stupid.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fish and Flower

Felt a little sad when this piece sold a few weeks ago and I miss it hanging in my studio. Sumi ink on thick thai paper collage with pieces of lace, fabric and bamboo layered with rice paste. There is something quiet and contemplative about it. Anyway, winter is a good time to work on brush painting so I am setting up a spot in the new studio to get back to it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"Southern Cross"

Layers of Decorative blue paper over red with window of ship masts. Have also been studying glazes with oil paints on board. Fascinating process.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Moon struck!

Recently received a commission to do a larger version of this piece and struggling for inspiration. I'm thinking higher contrast and expanded palette, and leaving out the sewing pattern pieces.... Perhaps a different goddess. Client likes the moon, stars and lightening. Also it seems a bit crowded with objects to me and should be longer horizontally. Stuck and procrastinating and unsure of what to use as the moon.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

"Lady Sings the Blues" wins honorable mention in MCGOPA Fall Juried Show

2010 Juried Fall Show

November 13, 2010 - December 11, 2010

Juror: Edna Davis, Owner of Tyme Gallery


When: Saturday, November 13 , 2010

Where: MCGOPA at SPP Galleries

Inquirer Building on Rt. 23 between

Rts. 320 (Swedeland Road) and 202 in

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Time: 5 - 7 PM

This assemblage piece has received an honorable mention in the fall show and will be awarded at the reception on Saturday November 13th 5-7pm. "Life with Coffee Spoon" was also selected for this show.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Splendid Silent Sun

The outside of an altered book I am working on using decorative paper, a poem my Whitman and plates from a book on the Sistine Chapel. All are coated in encaustic wax, which is a pretty new process for me.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chair for WCA "A Seat at the Table" Fringe Festival

8/30 More sewing and a few other changes to "White Stains" today.

Today I added the skirt and decided on an appropriate name, "White Stains." The name is from a collection of erotica by Anais Ninn but in this case appropriate for a chair of white at a dinner table. What an extra burden is placed on women to keep their garments "white" and stain free, by being careful or a good laundress. The right cowgirl boot is turned outward, suggesting toe tapping or an eagerness
to dance.

This piece is not quite finished but getting close. The event is next Friday and my goal is to finish by the weekend. It is comprised of a $5.00 chair from Goodwill painted white, cowgirl boots, a white jacket, the sleeve from a bridal gown found in a dumpster, a diaper, pantaloons from a doll and various laces as well as a tampon string. The trappings of females, what adorns us, or protects us, or gets us moving and up from the seated position. Was going to call it "Wing and Roots and Cowgirl Boots" but not sure about including the wings and that title is a bit too cutesy. Will possibly but tool around the seat as well, you know for dancing.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Assemblage piece looking for just the right verse

"Slant of Light" was stalled in the studio until I started experimenting with encaustic medium which seemed to bring it together in a more cohesive way. Still undecided if I should use the Emily Dickinson quote on the piece or not. The orange wire on the left acts as the disconnected observer leaning into the seasons without experiencing them. Satisfied with the way the piece looks wet.

And the next version. Decided to add a larger, more interesting leaf and kept the Emily Dickinson poem. Also coated the cathedral with glass coat which makes the image appear wet. Not done yet, as I still have to attach the actual poem, oh and that stem to the lotus pod. So there will be a version 4 coming and maybe more still if I opt for having this puppy framed. Might call it "Slant of light" or "Winter Afternoons."

This is the more recent version, but have not settled on the winter quote...strongly leaning toward Emily Dickinson. Thrilled to receive two new sample adhesives that I used on this one as well, so it is down to three pieces to adhere and a title. "Yes Paste" is my favorite so far. There are a few minor details: I am thinking of adding, four thin sticks and a piece of faded wire. Also not sure how to handle the quote, either as a transfer or layers of torn wasi paper coated with rice paste.

Finishing is often the hardest part, for me anyway with just about anything.

This base relief piece is simpler than more recent works. The four seasons are represented by the lotus blossom, leafless tree, leaf, and shell... yet they are seasons remembered in winter and indoors primarily. Comfortably stark, I think. The right scrap of poetry is out there waiting to be found and attached.... only I have not come across it yet. Suggestions by readers are always welcome. No name for this one yet either.

It is about 80 percent attached, always challenging for many reasons. The dried lotus blossom at the top right corner has presented some problems as to the proper adhesive. A thicker batch of rice flour paste might do the trick. Then there's the shell and leaf, *sigh.*

One friend suggested this:

There's a certain Slant of light, Winter Afternoons-- That oppresses, like the Heft Of Cathedral Tunes--
Emily Dickinson

Another Good one

Thus in the winter stands the lonely tree, Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one, Yet knows its boughs more silent than before

- Edna St Vincent Millay

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I. Undone is done at last. It seemed to need space between the separate boxes and looks better as a base relief mounted on a wall. The addition of the chess tournament in the city and the chess pieces carries the black/white repetition from the left box to the right and thematically recalls the game board motif. The "angels" on the right are flat, pointing or looking off in other directions as the photograph depicts the men playing chess. The dimensional woman on the left is compartmentalized, secular, and rustic in comparison. Also she does not have the proper game pieces to play.

II. Inside this former silver chest with a mixture of doll parts, a Korean mask, dominoes, metal leaves, checker board, and images of saints

III. This one is not quite finished, but pretty close. Still looking for a few chess pieces that are the right size
and shape. The "sinner and the saints" was another possible title, but undone is more fitting.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Work

Comprised of a various broken glass, ceramics, torn netting, a yellow feather, a pod, a belt buckle and loosely arranged on wooden grid. The circular object in the back ground is made from men's ties. The fortune at upper right hand square says, "Your dearest dream is coming true."