Friday, October 24, 2014

Re opening my Etsy Shop!

Shop is back up and running!  I am adding new pieces evey week and have pieces for everyone's budget.  Bookmarks, collage, collagraph, assemblage, small works...also maybe some vintage pieces from my shop.  So here are a few example of what is available.
Bookmark made from matt board samples, always a favorite!
An altered photo I took of a mourning dove with other wooden bird photos, and paper collage.

And some owls, I am way into owls and making all sorts of owl collages.  This one, however is SOLD!   But I have, some similar ones...

So stop by and poke around.  Give me some feed back or favorite an item. I will send you a coupon code as reward!  Etsy Shop Blage

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Owls on Etsy

 Well, I already sold one owl on etsy so I suppose It is time to list another.  Really this one is one of my favorites and I am probably going have a limited addition print made of him.  However, no name for this piece yet.  Make a comment if you have a suggestion.  You can view and purchase work there, here is the address, Although I haven't listed this collage owl just yet.  But soon...

He is staring peacefully at the moon.  This piece is 9x12 on clay board.  

This is the piece hanging in a hallway in my friend Heidi's studio.  Hoot!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Gift tags from old Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things to do after the holiday season is to take the cards and left over gift paper and make gift tags for next year.  I love curling up on the coach in front of the fire and cutting and pasting and stamping away.  When I was a child, I remember my grandmother saving wrapping paper and bows from presents at Christmas to use for the next year.  That generation was ever mindful of not wasting, for sure.   A friend of mine told me that every year her grandmother and brother would wrap each other's presents in the paper used on the gift from the previous year.  The presents would get smaller and smaller and the paper more and more worn.  

These will be available at Book, Paper, Scissors at the Free Library of Philadelphia, Saturday November 22 10:00-4:00pm.  Also available will be my book marks as well as other up cycled paper products.  Other vendors will have handmade paper, origami, hand pulled prints, and handmade books as well.

Also available are my bookmarks from matt board samples, that are always a big hit.  I am even giving away a book when you buy one, pretty good deal.

Ram in Winter wins first place!

I was so delighted that this collage won first prize at The Plastic Club's "Small Worlds" show.  My work has received honorable mentions in some juried show, but this the first top prize I've ever received.  Not only did it receive the blue ribbon, first place also comes with a cash prize of 150 dollars, and I get to keep the piece.   The show had over 100 entries, including some very accomplished Philadelphia artists and members of the Plastic Club.  So I am pretty proud of my little ram, small but powerful.

Todd Keyser of the Synderman Gallery was the juror for this show.

Mostly likely I will make a limited edition print out of this one as well.  Here is a photo of it that I took for my etsy page to show what it looks like hanging in someone's home.