Thursday, August 05, 2010

Chair for WCA "A Seat at the Table" Fringe Festival

8/30 More sewing and a few other changes to "White Stains" today.

Today I added the skirt and decided on an appropriate name, "White Stains." The name is from a collection of erotica by Anais Ninn but in this case appropriate for a chair of white at a dinner table. What an extra burden is placed on women to keep their garments "white" and stain free, by being careful or a good laundress. The right cowgirl boot is turned outward, suggesting toe tapping or an eagerness
to dance.

This piece is not quite finished but getting close. The event is next Friday and my goal is to finish by the weekend. It is comprised of a $5.00 chair from Goodwill painted white, cowgirl boots, a white jacket, the sleeve from a bridal gown found in a dumpster, a diaper, pantaloons from a doll and various laces as well as a tampon string. The trappings of females, what adorns us, or protects us, or gets us moving and up from the seated position. Was going to call it "Wing and Roots and Cowgirl Boots" but not sure about including the wings and that title is a bit too cutesy. Will possibly but tool around the seat as well, you know for dancing.