Monday, February 01, 2010

Assemblage piece looking for just the right verse

"Slant of Light" was stalled in the studio until I started experimenting with encaustic medium which seemed to bring it together in a more cohesive way. Still undecided if I should use the Emily Dickinson quote on the piece or not. The orange wire on the left acts as the disconnected observer leaning into the seasons without experiencing them. Satisfied with the way the piece looks wet.

And the next version. Decided to add a larger, more interesting leaf and kept the Emily Dickinson poem. Also coated the cathedral with glass coat which makes the image appear wet. Not done yet, as I still have to attach the actual poem, oh and that stem to the lotus pod. So there will be a version 4 coming and maybe more still if I opt for having this puppy framed. Might call it "Slant of light" or "Winter Afternoons."

This is the more recent version, but have not settled on the winter quote...strongly leaning toward Emily Dickinson. Thrilled to receive two new sample adhesives that I used on this one as well, so it is down to three pieces to adhere and a title. "Yes Paste" is my favorite so far. There are a few minor details: I am thinking of adding, four thin sticks and a piece of faded wire. Also not sure how to handle the quote, either as a transfer or layers of torn wasi paper coated with rice paste.

Finishing is often the hardest part, for me anyway with just about anything.

This base relief piece is simpler than more recent works. The four seasons are represented by the lotus blossom, leafless tree, leaf, and shell... yet they are seasons remembered in winter and indoors primarily. Comfortably stark, I think. The right scrap of poetry is out there waiting to be found and attached.... only I have not come across it yet. Suggestions by readers are always welcome. No name for this one yet either.

It is about 80 percent attached, always challenging for many reasons. The dried lotus blossom at the top right corner has presented some problems as to the proper adhesive. A thicker batch of rice flour paste might do the trick. Then there's the shell and leaf, *sigh.*

One friend suggested this:

There's a certain Slant of light, Winter Afternoons-- That oppresses, like the Heft Of Cathedral Tunes--
Emily Dickinson

Another Good one

Thus in the winter stands the lonely tree, Nor knows what birds have vanished one by one, Yet knows its boughs more silent than before

- Edna St Vincent Millay