Thursday, January 14, 2010


I. Undone is done at last. It seemed to need space between the separate boxes and looks better as a base relief mounted on a wall. The addition of the chess tournament in the city and the chess pieces carries the black/white repetition from the left box to the right and thematically recalls the game board motif. The "angels" on the right are flat, pointing or looking off in other directions as the photograph depicts the men playing chess. The dimensional woman on the left is compartmentalized, secular, and rustic in comparison. Also she does not have the proper game pieces to play.

II. Inside this former silver chest with a mixture of doll parts, a Korean mask, dominoes, metal leaves, checker board, and images of saints

III. This one is not quite finished, but pretty close. Still looking for a few chess pieces that are the right size
and shape. The "sinner and the saints" was another possible title, but undone is more fitting.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

New Work

Comprised of a various broken glass, ceramics, torn netting, a yellow feather, a pod, a belt buckle and loosely arranged on wooden grid. The circular object in the back ground is made from men's ties. The fortune at upper right hand square says, "Your dearest dream is coming true."