Friday, April 20, 2007

By Hand

Assemblage of old wood, newspaper photo, decorative paper etc. The caption "back in the 50's tobacco workers did everything by hand, today almost." What I found interesting was these particular workers were all women, with a man standing in the background...probably supervising. So I focused on the "by hand" part and included a hand as well as other things women make "by hand." The hand has brown stains much like the tobacco gum that sticks to one's hands when they pick it. But there is metal adornment on the hand, a ring perhaps, to show it is a woman's hand.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mrs. Floyd E Cahoon

This assemblage is based on one of my grandmother's friends. Her calling card is at the right hand corner with a description of my grandmother's bridal shower under the butterfly. Did not know Mrs. Cahoon personally, but really liked the sound of her name. Photograph in the right corner is one from my Grandmother's Aunt Martha. She was a school teacher in Columbia, NC. The little girl in the center is my favorite, long lanky, and mean as she can be.