Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Walt Whitman Bridge

Tis' the season for a patriotic post. Whitman used this quote to discribe Carl Sandberg, "his country absorbs him as affectionately as he has absorbed it." Also it could apply to defining a true american artist of national reputation, Andrew Wyeth comes to mind..... and what a world it would be if politicians tried a little absorbtion and less banner waving.
This is a journal cover that I altered with various bits of paper and scraps of fabric. Really wanted to achieve a sense of humility contrasting with a certain "proud ragedness." Since I scanned it rather than photographing the colors are less vibrant. May do a larger piece with same theme and quote.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Eco Arts

In celebration of WORLD ENVIROMENT DAY, Wednesday, June 5th Art4Development launched an international 'eco-arts' project To celebrate World Environment Day. I submitted "Whiter than Rice" to this project and it can be found on page 7 of their down loadable catalogue. To view the entire catalogue click the post title, then the eco' arts icon then the projects link. Will post some work from the catalogue in upcoming weeks. More info about Art4 Development from their website is as follows:

"eco'arts project by Arts For Global Development | Art4Development.Net intends to tackle vital developmental issues with creativity; inform and inspire individuals to take preventive actions; and acknowledge those creative individuals who focus on habitat and environmental challenges. eco'arts consists of an arts project presenting images of artworks / projects / performances created by artists and advocates from around the world; a catalogue listing information on the arts project participants; an online site providing resources about creative projects that address environmental issues; and an educational event in Washington DC commemorating the World Environment Day (WED). WED celebrated each year on June 5th, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances citizen action.
The eco'arts event took place on June 8 at the International Visions Arts Gallery featuring guest speaker, David Waskow who is the International Program Director of the non-profit organization, Friends of the Earth. He emphasized the effects of climate change, global warming and gas consumptions as well as provided guidelines in which participants could implement in protecting the environment. The Arts For Global Development, Inc founder and president Nil Sismanyazici Navaie presented the eco'arts project, talked about the connection between the arts and the environment, and highlighted the importance of taking immediate preventive measures on environmental issues. In addition, the Creator of Postcards from Katrina Project, Tambra Stevenson introduced her project to bring awareness that people in the Gulf Region still need help and hope. The arts project of eco'arts was launched in May 2006 to facilitate an opportunity for individuals / groups (who care about environmental issues; use environmental friendly materials and recycled objects to shape their work; raise awareness on environmental challenges or organize eco-friendly projects) to share their works and ideas. Through the call placed on Art4Development.Net E-Community and supporting online platforms, within 31 days of its launch eco'arts received artwork and art project images from over 60 artists from the US, Canada, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Sierra Leone, Columbia, Angola, Finland, South Africa… The eco'arts mural, suspended from the ceiling, displays images of artworks / projects / performances created by those artists and advocates who shared their work with Art4Development.Net. The mural measures 24 x 48 inches and has two sides. eco'arts, which is a collage of works placed on wood, decorated with acrylic paint, mirrors, ornament, and silk leaves, depicts the connection of humanity and environment, and calls for protective action! The eco'arts event guests were artists, representatives of cultural organizations,
environmental agencies,
graduate students, development and social marketing specialists, and more."

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Winsome Gunning

Winsome is an Australia Goldcoast artist whose work I have in my own collection. This piece is one from the 90's that I really like for the contrasting seipia flowers with the brightness of the ocean. The blues from the ocean and sky seem to seep into the room flooding the floor with the blue checkered pattern. Click the title of this post to visit Winsome's sight and see her current work which is quite different from this piece.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Where will Pinky Go?

Adventure and a new home await Pinky The Watering Troll. Today starts her auction on EBAY, she will be available for ten days. Say goodbye will be bitter-sweet, but the time has come for her to spread her special magic to someone else...the magic of starting over, of being down and out in a flea market in New Jersey, rescued by a 10 year old and given a new outfit and hairdo, matching pink boa...and then a perfect home to take with you always. She is headed for adventure wide-eyed and happy, and will bring that spirit to whom ever gives her a home. Just click on the word "Pinky" or the title of this post and you will go directly to my auction. Leave any good wishes for her in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


The painting at the right is a cottage in Nagshead, NC where our family spent many summers. A big old rambling cottage that was always painted white with red shutters, it had 10 bedrooms and was built in the 30's I believe. The sand is coarse and an orange color and the water is colder, Gulf Stream does not go up that far. Playing under the cottage was one of my favorite things to do as a little girl. One summer I created a Croatan village out of sea oat stems and fishing line. iStanding on the stairs is "Little Mitchel" the lady of the house and the bathing beauty facing sideways is my grandmother back in the day. I never knew Little Mitchell, her step daughter Ruby was my grandmother's good friend and always invited us to stay with her in the summer.